JYPS is a cycling association founded in 1935. We operate in Central Finland, organizing group rides, cycling tours, excursions, events, races, training sessions and other activities related to cycling.

JYPS is the only cycling lobby association in Central Finland. Our aim is to promote cycling and better cycling conditions in the area.

JYPS is an association for all cyclists – whether you see your bike as means of transport or a hobby. Our activities include urban and commuting cycling, fitness cycling, tour cycling, mountain and road biking as well as bike trial.


Group rides

  • MTB, road and fitness cycling rides for all levels of cyclists
  • Guided bike tours to interesting attractions in the local area, the rest of Finland and abroad
  • Easy, guided cross-country cycling tours
  • Guided MTB, road and biketrial rides for juniors

Promoting cycling

  • Writing comments, press releases and statement
  • Organising lectures and events and participating in working groups
  • Active dialogue with municipalities and other stakeholders

Events and training


  • Organising several multi-national races each year, for instance MTB Marathon Laajavuori
  • Organising Central Finland Cycling Cup and its multiple events
  • Participating in national races and events
  • Teams participating in MTB Enduro Finnish Championship series and MTB Marathon
  • Advice and guidance for fitness training and competitions

Other common activities

  • Social gatherings and sauna evenings at the JYPS lakeside cabin and elsewhere
  • Floorball practice for members
  • Active discussions on Facebook
  • Plenty of other activities!

Event calendar

Our events and activies can be found in the event calendar.

A brief explanation of the most common event and activity types (the event calendar is in Finnish only):

  • Kuntolenkki – Usually a quite easy group ride on cycleways and roads (almost any bike will do)
  • Maantielenkki – Group ride on road bikes (road or cyclocross bike needed)
  • Maastolenkki – MTB group ride (mountain bike needed)
  • Retki – A trip to an interesting attraction
  • Fillariakatemia – Activities for the juniors, children and families
  • Sähly – Floorball
  • Vaihtuvalajinen salivuoro – Various indoor activities, such as yoga, stretching and body weight exercises
  • Talkoot – Preparing and organising events and races

Promoting better cycling conditions

JYPS aims to promote cycling as an everyday form of transport. Our goal is to encourage people to cycle to work, school, shops, and to other errands. Cycling is an easy way to get healthy exercise and reduce energy and material consumption, noise and pollution, traffic jams and parking problems. A bike-friendly city would be a more enjoyable environment to live and move around in.

Nowadays, in Central Finland we cycle roughly as much as in Finland on average: about 10 % of trips. Our target is to double the modal split of cycling. Cycling should be as easy, smooth, fast and safe as possible – this would encourage people to cycle more. For example bike lanes, bike parks and other facilities should be better and more clearly implemented than currently.

Read more about cycling in traffic from Liikenneturva.

How to become a member?

The JYPS membership is open to anyone interested in cycling. The association is open for casual cyclists and active participants alike. As a member you enjoy the member benefits and support the development of the local cycling conditions. Also other associations and communities can become members of JYPS.

JYPS has currently ca. 1000 members. Join our growing team!

Membership benefits

As a JYPS member you can:

  • Participate in all club activities, including cycling trips, tours and events
  • Receive discounts and benefits in a number of shops
  • Buy JYPS branded clothing from our 30-piece collection
  • Borrow the association’s cargo bike, tools and equipment for free
  • Obtain cheap hobby cyclist insurance
  • Obtain a national competition license and insurances
  • Receive financial support for attending competitions
  • Rent the association’s sound systems for a small fee
  • Use of the association’s lakeside cabin

Membership fees

  • Adults 30 €
  • Students, unemployed, pensioners, poor 20  €
  • Family membership 60 €
  • Under-18’s 10 €
  • Community membership 100 €

How to join?

Become a member by filling out the online enrollment form and paying the membership fee.


For more information: pj (ät) jyps.fi.